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5-Platform Plush and Wicker Cat Tree

5-Platform Plush and Wicker Cat Tree

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Modern Cat Tree With Wicker Baskets - 143cm Tall

Every feline king (or queen) needs a throne. And, this 5-platform cat castle will satisfy even the persnickety feline monarch.

Its two separate wicker baskets give a choice of sleeping spaces�one above and one below. These circular beds are a great place for them to curl up after a hard day of sleeping, and offer all the benefits of a wicker basket. This means this cat tree is not only sustainable but also durable and simple to clean.

A pair of stringed toys hang from the highest platforms, coaxing even the chunky cats into a game of bat and chase. The paper rope support pillars, meanwhile, keep your kitty noble�s claws and instincts sharp. In doing so, they save your sofas from unwanted shredding.

Give your kitty cat a perch worthy of their gratitude and accolades. Pick up this 5-platform wicker cat tree from Modern Pets�Australia�s go-to source for luxury pet goods.


Colour:�White & Natural Wicker
Dimensions: L 60cm x W 60cm x H 143cm�

Materials: Particleboard, plush carpet, paper rope post & weaved basket

Product Features

  • This cat tree�s cream, white, and wicker finish brings warmth and beach house charm to any room
  • At 143 centimetres high, this crow�s nest gives your fur baby a bird�s eye view
  • A truly multifunctional cat tree that includes space for napping, playing, and supervising
  • Included wicker sleeping areas are snug and sustainable
  • Sleeping pads can be removed and washed for quick cleanup
  • Paper rope�columns give kitty constructive places to scratch
  • Made of durable and easy-to-clean materials that keep the stress of cat ownership in mind
  • Ideal for a home with two to three cats
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