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Cat Scratcher Infinity Lounge, Storm Grey

Cat Scratcher Infinity Lounge, Storm Grey

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Large Scratching Board & Bed�for Cats

If you�re tired of ugly cat scratchers taking up space in your living area, the Cat Scratcher Infinity Lounge may be the perfect solution. This functional cat scratcher will keep your kitty�s claws in perfect shape while providing an air of sleek modern style to your home. The infinity shape also provides a place for your cat to sleep, even if it�s just a little catnap. The best thing about this cat scratcher is when the top becomes worn, simply flip it over and its brand new again!


Colour: Grey (Also Available in White)
Dimensions: W 86cm x W26.5cm x H 26.5cm�
Materials: High density�corrugated cardboard

    Product Features

    • Provides safe place for cats to sharpen nails, preventing clawing of furniture
    • Wide surface area makes�it suitable for�large size cats and provides generous scratching space
    • Reversible so stays looking new for longer
    • Multifunctional � serves as a scratcher or a lounge
    • Made with high density pressed cardboard for�extra durability
    • Stylish with curved ends and interesting shape
    • Designed to match any any home decor
    • Comes in white or grey to contrast the cardboard
    • 100% recyclable and made from recycled cardboard
    • No assembly required


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