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Potted style cat dog bed cat scratching post warm pet nest

Potted style cat dog bed cat scratching post warm pet nest

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Comfortable and Deep Sleep: Comfy soft warm peach velvet cat bed is reminiscent of a pet mom’s embrace,creating an anti anxiety and calming pet bed, make your pet have deep restful sleep.
Fluffy Calming Bed for Dogs and Cat: A pet bed allows your dog and cat to have their own space, a place where they can curl up and relax. Your dog will get a solid night's sleep in this luxurious round bed. The cushioned plush bed provides your dog exceptional comfort, even for dogs with joint pain or arthritis. Plush design dog bed is perfect for any breed of small dogs.
Cat scratch board design: this is supported by wood-based panels, which is strong and durable, and it is not afraid to bite and lean.
Washing Guide: This plush cat bed can be washed by machine. We recommend gentle cycling and boil-drying under low heat. 

Surface material: Peach velvet, granular cashmere
Filling material: Polypropylene cotton
Colour: Green
Size: 60x45x65cm

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