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Three Panel Freestanding Dog Gate, White

Three Panel Freestanding Dog Gate, White

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Even the best dog owner has tripped on their pup. Maybe a laundry basket got in the way or their leash got tangled around your ankles like a bola. No matter why it happened, you probably spent the next half an hour apologizing and trying to kiss your dogs boo-boos better. When you have a smaller dog, even a simple accident like this can prove disastrous. Luckily, adjustable dog gates can help keep Fido safe. Because of its sleek design and 360-degree rotation, this four-paneled one is a great choice for any dog owner.

While there are other gates on the market, many of them require you to drill holes in your plaster or topple over if theyre tackled by anything bigger than a Papillon. This sturdy one, with its freestanding design and adjustable supports, is different. Additionally, because its white, it goes with almost any decor. So, grab one for yourself and save yourself 100 more apologies.


Materials: Painted MDF;Stainless Steel Hardware
Single Panel Dimensions: W 50.8cm x D 1.8cm x H 61cm
Maximum Opening Width: 146cm
Number of Panels: 3
Product Weight: 7.2kg

Please note: To ensure adequate stability, we recommend this Dog Gate be installed in a "Z" formation and not a straight line. Sandbags or gripping pads beneath feet may be required to prevent movement by pets. For indoor use only.



  • Perfect for blocking off halls and stairways
  • Its hinged design allows the panels to rotate a full 360 degrees
  • Skid-resistant pads help keep the gate from sliding across tile and wood floors
  • This dog gates stabilized support feet mean it wont topple over at the slightest breeze
  • Its bright white color will look great with almost any decor
  • Doesnt ask you to drill holes in your wall or floor for anchoring
  • Blocks your dog from potentially hazardous places, litterboxes, and other off-limit items
  • Great for corralling puppies during potty training
  • Suitable for small to medium dogs
  • No assembly required (just unfold and add feet)
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